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With over 18 years experience in industrial electrical controls & automation, CDiS is ready to help you achieve your controls & automation needs.

From concept to sign-off, let CDiS aid you in the development of control systems solutions that fit you and your customer's needs.

Whether it's improvements to an existing system or full-scale solution, the necessary expertise and resources are available to you!

Having many years experience with Industrial Electrical Contractors, Industrial Control Panel Builders, Control Systems Integrators, and Machine Integrators; CDiS has adopted quality processes, resources, specs, knowledge, and concepts to help eliminate risk and ensure our clients the best solution possible.

Servicing multiple industries, but not limited to:

- Automotive (Exteriors, Interiors, B&W, Air/Cooling/Filtration Systems, and Fuel Systems)

- Food & Beverage (Batch & Continuous Process Control,Recipe Management, and Sorting & Packaging)

- Agriculture (Processing, and Sorting & Packaging)

- Water/Waste Water (UV Disinfection, Pump Stations, SCADA, and IIoT)

- Press & Stamping (Stacking, De-Stacking, and Forming)

- Oil & Gas

Let CDiS capture the opportunity to be a trusted partner in Developing Your Solution!



Every design starts with a concept.

CDiS will always take the extra step to provide its clients with multiple concepts of the desired system to ensure they find a solution that best fits their automation & financial needs.


With CDiS, Integration is made simple. Armed with years of experience in PLC, HMI, SCADA, Robots, Motor Motion, Vision, Marking, Data Collection & Traceability, PID Loop, Safety Systems, Ultrasonic Welding and more; we can integrate your solution. From automation or safety upgrades on existing systems, to new stand-alone or fully integrated systems.


CDiS can provide its customers with custom-manufactured industrial control panels. We offer in-house design, build, test, and inspection. As well as build-to-suit from your, or your customer's, drawings, specifications, criteria, and parameters.


CDiS has you covered during your production runs. Run-off  & production support for new equipment, or shift coverage for existing.


In a pinch?

CDiS is a phone call away to help you get through your struggle!


Automating your process, upgrading technology, manipulating robot paths & moves, sequence changes, user-friendliness, and more; can help your production numbers increase and decrease your overall downtime.



4126 Coutts Line

Tilbury, Ontario, Canada

N0P 2L0


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